Text, photos and video by Ronit Borpujari


Elseworlds is a short film that follows the lives and times of 6 University students from around the world, who found ‘home’ in Germany because of their common love for football. Or did they?

The term ‘Elseworlds’ is a pop-culture reference for the publication imprint of American Comic Books produced by DC Comics for stories that took place outside of the DC Universe Canon.

Using the same ideology, Elseworlds follows Jan, Braam, Péter, Sam, Kai and Tenzin in their journey of finding friendship and forming relationships that may as well last a lifetime. Moving away from their regular ‘canon’ lives of living in an alien city, studying for University and staying in their comfort zones; the story focuses on the power of team sports and how it might or might not relate to their individual understanding of the German word- Heimat (home) .


In a Social media group of over 20 people, these 6 individuals are the ones in every football pitch, week in and week out. Their story revolves around three main concepts-

Their understanding of the word ‘Heimat’, the value of football in their lives; and how they can relate the fact that a group of international students, with no previous connections or similarities, found each other through football; with their comprehension of Heimat.


The film starts with a quick introduction of the 6 main characters. After this, the focus of the narrative is turned towards understanding the development of their relationship through the power of football.

Throughout the film, you can see footage of the protagonists struggling to play football in what appears to be an iced-covered pitch. This was one of the few times when the temperature in Hamburg was in negative units and regardless of that fact, the players came together, broke the ice (quite literally), and got what they could from that day.

Tenzin breaking the ice with a hammer in the football pitch

Every member had a part to play. They collected rocks, football boots, even a hammer (see above) and a broom to clear out pitch. Dedication to do what they love…

Dribbling on Ice

The film goes on to explore the similarities and the differences in each individual’s answers. Their opinions and perspectives of their fellow mates and their concept of Heimat which ultimately ties together in a series of one-on-one interviews, cutaways of pictures, videos of gameplay and a Tickr of their personal likes and dislikes to understand them better.

Elseworlds is written, produced and directed by Ronit Borpujari and is set to be premiered on the 6th of February, 2019 at 18:00 hrs in Room 122, Allende Platz-1. The total runtime of the film is 8mins 46 seconds.

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